What we do


ü  Do you want to take control of your support services?

ü  Are you tired of dealing with government departments and call centres?


Talk to someone who genuinely wants to know about you and your story. Talk to the Me time Coordinators and Plan Managers and make the choices that are right for you.

If you are eligible for NDIS Support, you can enjoy the choice of support that works best for you,your lifestyle, and your family.

Metime can help you with:


·        Co-ordination : We work out what role you would like us to take in helping you with NDIS support.We ensure that you have true choice and control over your life.


·        Complex case management : Everything we do revolves around helping you to achieve your goals, even if you are have complex support needs we can manage the barriers that you may encounter when accessing supports.


·        Capacity building: Since the sustainability of the NDIS depends (In part) on individuals with disability becoming as independent as possible, there is an increased focus on capacity building.This means that Metime can support you to be independent and empower you to take charge of your life.


·        Crisis Intervention : When things aren’t working out and there is a risk of relationships breaking down, Metime is the specialist who can come in to help navigate a good outcome for you.


·        Plan management : We’ll organise the financial and administrative aspects of your disability support plan including service agreements with providers,paying your invoices and providing you with a monthly statement of expenditure.


Would you like to discuss how we can assist you?

Please contact us by phone email or enquiry form.

We’ll have a Me Time Coordinator or Plan Manager chat about your disability support plan.

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